Core Values & A Balanced Approach

Conservative Core Values

  • Small Government
  • State’s Rights
  • Lower Taxation
  • Balancing the Budget
  • Winning Trade Policy
  • Free Financial Markets
  • Traditional Family Values
  • Patriotism
  • Meritocracy
  • Strengthen Local Community
  • Choice in Education
  • Right to Bear Arms
  • Personal Accountability
  • Social Services that Encourage
  • Work and Self Sufficiency
  • Conserving the Environment
  • Competitive Healthcare

Liberal Core Values

  • Anti-Immigration
  • Anti-Environment
  • Trade Protectionism
  • Dogmatic Christian Values
  • Pro-Life Movement
  • Watchdog for the World
  • Racial Profiling for Terrorism Control

Shared Values

  • Democracy
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Religious Freedom
  • Racial Equality
  • Sexual Equality
  • Civil Rights
  • Advancing Human Rights
  • Fair Wages
  • Economic Fairness
  • Right to Education
  • Free Trade
  • Strong Military

Republican Platform Values

  • Large Government
  • Central Government Control
  • Greater Taxation
  • Government Regulations and Laws to Control Behavior
  • Social Programs, Entitlements and Welfare
  • LGBT Rights
  • Pro-Abortion
  • Weary of Patriotic Views
  • Gun Control
  • Combat Climate Change
  • Universal Healthcare

The Core Values of the Veritas Media fund will drive film/TV media product selection. These Core Values are listed in the red shaded box above left. Shared Values (considered both conservative and liberal) are listed in the lower center. These are also Core Values for the fund and just as important – especially those boxed in blue – ideology that has been co-opted by the liberal agenda but were always key conservative values for any non-extremist platform.

The “Republican Platform Values” listed in the center above are not considered Core Values. They have been used in the Republican platform, often for political gain or differentiation -- but are not values that date to the “Party of Lincoln.” Though they are not Core Values, they are issues that could easily be addressed in story. Indeed, the more they are explored, the better both sides of these issues will be understood.

It is important to reiterate here that the fund will back projects with a balanced point of view. Conservative values do not need dogmatism or evangelical treatment. Certain films and TV projects may elicit stronger emotional response as we root for these values. Others may dramatically explore issues that do not have easy answers. It is our belief that, however grey the issues, conservative values must be represented and will fare well on their own merits. As successful as Fox News may be and it no-doubt serves a purpose – the film version of that platform would merely be bad entertainment and serve no one.