Conservative values that were envisioned by our forefathers, the party of Lincoln, and the principles of responsible governance are grossly under- represented in the media.

It is also well known fact that conservative ideals have been hijacked by extremist views put forth by racists, bigots, Christian right fanaticism, right- to-life reactionism, obstructionist politics, and violence associated with this behavior. This has enabled liberal causes to associate conservative values these extreme views. Without definition, the conservative view is easily skewed to the negative by the liberal bias in the media.

Veritas is a media fund to produce film, television, and new media entertainment dedicated to defining traditional conservative values. No such entity exists today. Currently, it is safe to say that almost all media and film/ TV producers and distributors have a strong liberal bias. If fact, a liberal bias in Hollywood is a necessity for survival.

True conservative values are not extremist. They are the core of humanity. They speak to the strength of the human spirit, a democratic meritocracy, small government that enables citizens and businesses to thrive without interference, strong and just laws, the right to bear arms but responsible use of them, and fundamental human rights such as the right to raise and educate your children as one sees fit.

To be clear, Veritas is not interested in black and white issues. We produce stories that deal with difficult choices, shades of grey, and the cost of our freedoms. This fund is not propaganda for anything or anyone. In fact, propaganda of any kind is the enemy. Conservative views will shine in these complex environments given the chance to shine -- given the chance to be understood.

Great storytelling is about character change. Character change is only believable when the change agents are real, grounded in reality, and reasoned. The best stories that demonstrate true conservative values will not be political, feel political, or engage in demagoguery. They will feel true, just, and real. These value need no pulpit to win. They just need a stage to be told.